10 Seconds in Hell is a game about fear and agency by Amy Dentata.

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Why Try It: An extremely brief, intense piece with a number of endings; an example of a first-person game that evokes emotion via abstraction rather than high-definition graphics.

Time: Around thirty seconds including the intro, though worth replaying to see alternate endings.

How to Play: Use the mouse and arrow keys to move around the room and find some way out of your situation. The left mouse button picks up some objects, while the right mouse button can be held down to drag them around. Please note that this game contains themes of domestic violence.

Author’s NotesMost modern games are long and thin, with a slight non-linear bulge in the middle. I wanted to make a game that was short and wide.”

More Info: Amy Dentata wrote a post-mortem for the game which you can read here — it goes into depth on the design decisions and process throughout the game’s 48-hour development.

10 Seconds in Hell was made for the was created in 48 hours for the 27th Ludum Dare competition in which participants were asked to create a game that fit the theme of “10 seconds.”

You can find Amy Dentata at her website and on Twitter.