Asphyx is a game about limitations and trust by Droqen.

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Why Try It: An example of an “exoludic” game where the player keeps one of the rules themselves; a simple introduction to the platformer genre.

Time: Ten minutes.

How to Play: Use the arrow keys to navigate your character around the environment. When your character is underwater, hold your breath (you, the player). Press escape if you take a breath while your character is underwater.

More Info: Asphyx is an example of a digital game that allows the player to keep one of the rules themselves, rather than having it tracked by the program. Obviously droqen cannot control the player’s adherence to the rule, and by allowing the player to keep this own rule, Asphyx opens up the possibility of players playing through the game with their own self-determined “house rules.”

Asphyx is also a simple example of a platformer game, in which the player’s main task is to navigate a character across a series of obstacles. Platformer games were once the most popular genre of videogame and are most commonly associated with titles like Super Mario Bros. They have since become far less dominant, though the genre has been and continues to be used in a range of interesting ways.

You can find Droqen at this site and on Twitter.