Ultimate Flirt-Off is a game by Diego Garcia about parties, cuties, and uh, zarf.

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Why Try It: Simulates awkward flirting conversations with a simple reaction-based mechanic different from most dialogue systems in games.

Time: Ten minutes.

How to Play: Use the mouse to click on sentence fragments as they appear on the screen — the goal is to chain together a comprehensible sentence before the timer in the top left-hand corner expires. Clicking the “drink” button gives you more time but also makes it more difficult to speak in complete sentences. After you’ve been talking for a while, click the “make a move” button.

More Info: Most dialogue systems in games give players as much time as they like to choose their words, which means it is easy to pick the “correct” answer (and there usually is one). By changing this convention, Ultimate Flirt-Off changes the entire feel of the interaction — rather than searching for the optimal answers on a dialogue wheel, the player is left frantically searching for a “good-enough” solution.

More of Diego Garcia’s games and art can be found on his website and Tumblr. You can also follow him on Twitter.