Icarus Needs is a game by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey about dreaming and play.

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Why Try It: Unique presentation that combines the language of games and comics.

Time: Five minutes.

How to Play: Use the WASD or arrow keys to move Icarus around. Occasionally you’ll need to pick up objects and bring them elsewhere to solve simple puzzles — in order to do this, you simply need to enter and leave the area in which they’re located.

Author’s Notes: My intent with Icarus was to create an explorable world mediated through the medium of comics. The narrative of Icarus is created through exploration and play.”

More Info: Icarus Needs’ author refers to the piece as a hypercomic adventure game, and the piece clearly draws from both games and comics. You can read the author’s notes on a talk on “game comics”, in which he provides a great deal of background on games and comics, as well as describes his approach to the intersection of the two as exemplified by Icarus Needs.

You can find Daniel Merlin Goodbrey at his website which hosts a number of his “new experiments in fiction” and on Twitter.