Player 2 is a game about conflict and healing by Lydia Neon.

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Why Try It: Example of a game that centers “exoludic” player experience (that is, interactions which take place outside of the game’s programmed rules structure); can be a difficult but helpful experience for the player in voicing feelings around unresolved interpersonal conflict.

Time: Ten minutes.

How to Play: Use the mouse to click links and the keyboard to enter information into the text fields. At any time, you can click the “esc” link at the bottom of the screen to stop playing if you need to.

More Info: Player 2 was made for the “Your Enemies Don’t Have To Die For You To Win” #CreativeConflictJam, an event where participants created games that centered alternative modes of conflict resolution. It was created in Twinea free tool for creating hypertexts, interactive stories, and text-based games.

You can find Lydia Neon at her website or on Twitter.