Reveal is a game about space, bodies, and perception by Marie Lazar, Mike Prinke, Tim Liedel, and Patrick O’Malley.

Download (Windows only)

Why Try It: An accessible introduction to first-person perspective games; uses player interaction to explore (self-)perceptions of women’s bodies.

Time: Ten minutes.

How to Play: Use the mouse and WASD keys to navigate the space, and the left mouse button to interact with it. This kind of movement is often extremely difficult for players unaccustomed to it, but there are no hazards or time limits here, so you can freely investigate the space at your own pace.

Author’s Notes: Reveal is a short, experimental first person game that uses transforming space to explore perceptions of the human body. Take the lead in this physiologically-intense performance on a stage set for one. Watch as layers of knowledge and emotion slough off in swaths of paper and splinters of wood. Grab hold of your surroundings and rouse them to life. What you uncover will disturb, titillate, and reveal something unseen within yourself.”

More Info: The authors of Reveal kept a developer’s log (devlog) of the game’s creation, which contains reference materials, early designs, and notes.

The first-person shooter has become perhaps the most visible genre of videogame. However, the first-person perspective is not always used for games about shooting and can be employed to convey a range of scenarios and experiences, as Reveal demonstrates. Other examples of games that use the first-person perspective in a non-shooting context include Slave of God, a game about attending a rave, and Room of 1000 Snakes, previously covered on this site.