simian.interface is a game by vested interest about spatial reasoning and monkeys. Within the fiction of a series of neuroscientific tests, it tasks players with correctly aligning a number of visual scenes using only the mouse. 

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Why Try It: Feels like interactive non-representational visual art; uses simple player input in varied ways.

Time: Ten minutes.

How to Play: Use the mouse to correctly align the pieces on each screen — early on this usually means creating a white square, though what “alignment” means later on varies. All of the screens are completed simply with the mouse using movement along the X and Y axis, and there is no timer pressuring you to work at a particular pace or hazards to watch out for.

More Info: At its core, simian.interface is a game about moving your cursor over a single pixel on each screen. However, the game takes this very basic action and layers complex visuals over top of it, which creates a very different player experience. Another game which uses a similar mechanic is Coign of Vantage.