Tiny Sorceress is a game by Leon Arnott about a minute enchantress seeking to be crowned queen.

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Why Try It: Cartoon slapstick humour; straightforward, simple rules guiding each scene; unique black and white visual style.

Time: Five minutes.

How to Play: Use the arrow keys to interact with each scene — most use a very straightforward vocabulary (lifting spikes, cutting a rope, etc.) but even if it takes you a while to figure things out, there’s no pressing time constraints to worry about.

Author’s Notes: "This was inspired by Terra Tam, Chuck Jones, Spike: A Love Story and, for specific scenes, LIMBO and Trine. The game was made during Ludum Dare #25. It placed #1 for Humour and #17 Overall.” 

More Info: Leon has made a number of other short games, many of which employ similar kinds of slapstick structures and easy-to-follow rules. If you like Tiny Sorceress, you might also want to try App Escape and Terra Tam: World Warrior. It should also be noted that Leon maintains an incredible twitter account.