Room of 1000 Snakes is a game about a snake mystery by Ben Esposito and Yuliy. It is a small, first-person perspective game set in a mysterious room.

Play Online (you’ll need to install the Unity Web Player)

Why Try It: A very accessible introduction to first-person games (where the player sees the game through the eyes of and directly controls a character via looking and moving around a space); compact and straightforward (?).

Time: Two minutes.

How to Play: Like many first-person games, Room of 1000 Snakes uses the mouse and keyboard. Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move around and the mouse to turn and look. This kind of movement is often extremely difficult for players unaccustomed to it, but there are no hazards or time limits here, so you can move freely around the small space and investigate the details of the scene before approaching the mysterious button. As the game tells you, be sure to have your computer’s audio turned on.

More Info: The first-person shooter has become perhaps the most visible genre of videogame. However, the first-person perspective is not always used for games about shooting and can be employed to convey a range of scenarios and experiences, as Room of 1000 Snakes demonstrates. Other examples of games that use the first-person perspective in a non-shooting context include Slave of God, a game about attending a rave, and Reveal, an exploration of perceptions of the human body.

Room of 1000 Snakes was made in Unity, a popular 3D game development program. Ben and Yuliy are members of the game dev group Arcane Kids.