Triad is a game by anna anthropy, Leon Arnott, and Liz Ryerson. It consists of a single sliding-block puzzle designed to convey one particular challenge of a triadic relationship: fitting three people into a single bed.

Download (Mac, Windows)

Why Try It: Gets into the day-to-day realities and spatial dynamics of relationships using a simple puzzle metaphor; great minimalistic use of dialogue and character animations; depicts a triadic sexual relationship.

Time: Depending on your puzzle-solving skills, ten to thirty minutes.

How to Play: Use the mouse to drag each of the three people onto spaces in the bed, and click to rotate them. You have to maneuver them around each other, otherwise they’ll push the others out of place. Each person has a particular quirk — one rolls, one kicks, and one snores. Your goal is to make sure everyone gets a good night’s rest. Click the lamp once you think you’ve solved things, and don’t worry too much about making mistakes. It’ll likely take you several tries, but there are no punishments for failure, so you can move at your own pace and take as much time as you’d like.

Author’s Notes & More Info

Author’s Notes: "this game began as a conversation with jake eakle about a mutual problem we’ve faced: trying to fit yourself and the two people you’re dating into a bed that’s not designed for three people. in such a way that all three people can actually sleep. my own unhappy solution to the puzzle involved a futon on the floor and one member of our trio having to sleep by herself. it’s not an easy puzzle.

More Info: Many videogames that involve sexual or romantic relationships do so through simulating a conversation, presenting the player with a number of dialogue choices and asking them to engage with a pre-programmed non-player character. Triad is an example of a game that instead deals with the bumping, jostling, and fitting together of bodies in ways that frequently aren’t sexy or dramatic but are part of the necessities of daily living. You can read more thoughts on Triad from Aevee Bee.