Humanoid 47 is a game about escape by JO99 and Oliv Kronsilds.

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Why Try It: Unusual and hyper-detailed visual style & animation.

Mood: Creepy

Author’s Notes: "Dr. Leboucher continues his strange experiments on his residents. Following an explosion, patient E326 manages to flee and retreat into the secret laboratory. Will you escape from this strange place where mechanical and flesh seems strangely mingled?" (translated from French)

From the forest ambassador: If you get stuck, you can cheat a little by hitting tab to reveal the clickable hotspots in each scene.

Notes on Departure is a game about what’s left behind by withoutpillow.

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Why Try It: A short story that makes interesting narrative use of player input.

Mood: Introspective

Author’s Notes: "I had an explicit idea of what I wanted to do with my game: I sought for it to remain open to interpretation so that the player could put in their expectations and wishes and let the experience kind of be what they wanted it to be, or perhaps the way that seemed most natural to them."

From the forest ambassador: You can read more about the making of Notes on Departure at withoutpillow’s tumblr.

PROBE TEAM is a game about teamwork by Andrew Shouldice.

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Why Try It: Beautiful visuals; cute narration and characters; simple but interesting exploration dynamics.

Mood: Spacey

Author’s Notes: "PROBE TEAM is a game made in less than 48 hours for Ludum Dare 27 on August 24th and 25th, 2013. It won first place overall, as well as first place in “Mood”, third place in “Graphics”, 4th place in “Fun” and “Theme”, and 5th in “Audio”."

From the forest ambassador: You’ve got ten seconds of fuel but unlimited probes. Try to use short bursts to conserve your fuel and let inertia move your probes a bit for you.

The Faeries’ Curse is a game about restoration by Thomas Flynn and Karolin Schnoor.

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Why Try It: Charming presentation; simple and quick puzzles.

Mood: Dreamy

Author’s Notes: "The theme for the [Victoria & Albert Museum’s first game] jam was “hidden stories” and we were asked to take inspiration from the V&A’s medieval and renaissance galleries - hence the fairytale theme. We chose to make an interactive website … well because neither of can code much else but it also meant that the game is accessible to the widest audience (although there are inevitably variances in experience due to browser support &c. &c.) We also tried to take into consideration some game accessibility guidelines.

From the forest ambassador: Thomas Flynn also did the soundtrack for the game Chopsquares, a $2 game by Taylor Bai-Woo, whose game Small Armor was previously featured on forest ambassador.”

You can purchase work by Karolin Schnoor at her website.

Last Chance Supermarket is a game about consumption by Sebastian Lague.

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Why Try It: Frantic and amusing cart pushing and crashing action; simulates the holy terror of consumer capitalism from the safety of your home.

Mood: Rowdy

Author’s Notes: "The game involves madly rushing around the shops late on Christmas Eve, trying to purchase a few special things for the big day. You only get one chance a year to really show your family how much you care, so make sure you get everything on that list! Try not to buy too much extra stuff though as money is tight and your wife is fussy about clutter! Above all, however, please don’t get yourself killed by a speeding shopping cart…"

From the forest ambassador: Once your rivals grab something, it’s gone — so hammer on the space bar to consume as quickly as you can! Consume. Consume.

Legacy Bird is a game about love by Dayton McKay.

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Why Try It: Cute characters and interaction system; somewhat difficult but straightforward mechanics.

Mood: Silly

Author’s Notes: "A ginormo sword clone, dating sim, rougue-like. 6 different enemies to cut 5 different girls to smooch 12 different weapons to cut with"

From the forest ambassador: Make sure to bump into enemies with your sword, otherwise you’ll take damage on contact. Try to get babies with higher stats to get stronger!

Get X, Avoid Y is a game about games by Pippin Barr.

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Why Try It: An interesting exploration the ways that changing a game’s visuals can change the entire feel of the work.

Mood: Energetic

Author’s Notes: "Get! Avoid! Avoid! Get! Get get avoid get! It’s the stunning culmination of every game you’ve ever played! You don’t have to like it but you can’t avoid it! Got it?!"

From the forest ambassador: You can read about the making of Get X, Avoid Y at Pippin’s blog. (Oh, and the game itself is endless.)

The Wait is a game about the desert by Pierre Chevalier.

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Why Try It: Beautiful visual design; a short narrative told through images and minimal interaction.

Mood: Atmospheric

Author’s Notes: "The Wait is a narrative set in the desert. I suggest you play first (actually, you should play several times), then come back here to read the following notes (use the “show” button).”

From the forest ambassador: If you like The Wait, be sure to check out more of Pierre Chevalier’s work, including the previously-featured Unpredictable Storyline Twists 2 and EMMA.

Surf Camp is a game about being the best by RAC Seven.

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Why Try It: Easy and compelling surfing action; an amusing story that plays out over a number of surf competitions.

Mood: Cocky

Author’s Notes: "It’s your first day at surf camp, and there’s trouble brewing…"

From the forest ambassador: Do tricks in the air with the arrow keys to build speed and stay ahead of the wave crashing behind you. Use the mouse to make your choices in the rock-paper-scissors sections. 

Pontefract is a game about fear by Kitty Horrorshow.

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Why Try It: A well-written text-based horror game; spooky & evocative.

Mood: Creepy

Author’s Notes: "explore an evil castle and confront the fetid darkness within. my first ever twine game, inspired by shakespeare’s Richard the Second."

From the forest ambassador: If you like Pontefract, be sure to check out Kitty’s other games like Stygia; or try The Bog-Nymphs of Neptune for a game with a totally different feel.

SpaceWrestler is a game about slamming and jamming by Daniel McFarline.

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Why Try It: A seemingly Pac-Man-inspired game about wrestlers in space; very crunchy and satisfying planet-slamming effects.

Mood: Rowdy

Author’s Notes: "Mad Meteor’ Mike was the greatest wrestler the world had ever seen, after winning the Ultimate Championship Belt in 1986 he became powerful enough to ascend to the cosmos and become an all-powerful Titan of Wrestling… Now ‘Mad Meteor’ Mike travels between galaxies, slamming planets to sustain his amazing powers to warp through space. All that stands in his way are the Evil WrestleLords who hunt him endlessly…"

From the forest ambassador: Keep moving to avoid the WrestleLords, and try to plan your path so that you won’t be trapped by them. Also, keep an eye out for folding chairs and other improvised weapons!

Electric Tortoise is a game about rules by Dillon Rogers.

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Why Try It: Crisp, evocative aesthetic; uses a simple conversational structure to tell an interesting story.

Mood: Creepy

Author’s Notes: "Blade Runner and I, Robot-inspired interrogation game. Use Left-mouse button to move/select dialogue options."

From the forest ambassador: For a longer and somewhat more complex game with a similar premise, check out The King of the Wood.

Delve is a game about finding an opening by Conor McCann.

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Why Try It: Beautiful visual design; a simple, upbeat, one-mouse button experience.

Mood: Chill


From the forest ambassador: You can read a little about Delve and some similar games at this Kill Screen article.

Morning Coffee is a game about readiness by Animal Phase.

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Why Try It: A very brief, atmospheric experience with no fail state.

Mood: Soothing

Author’s Notes: "A short-form narrative game about the morning routine, and a bit more…"

From the forest ambassador: You can find more of Animal Phase’s works at their website.

7 Light-Years is a game about charting a course by Nicklas Nygren & Marcus Nygren.

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Why Try It: A straightforward avoidance game with simple but engrossing visuals and audio; later levels can be difficult but low-key music and abstract visuals keep it from becoming stressful.

Mood: Hypnotic

Author’s Notes: "Me and my cousin Marcus Nygren created this game in 10 hours just for the heck of it!"

From the forest ambassador: You can use the left mouse button to rotate, (though it might make you dizzy)