3x3x3 is a game about options by Kayla Overkill.

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Why Try It: A text adventure about mermaids and motherhood; well-written and a simple but neat use of structure.

Author’s Notes: "3x3x3 was inspired by a poem which in turn was inspired by a dream. i hope that whatever you take from the game that you enjoyed yourself, and i hope that whatever course your actual life takes, you manage to find some sort of meaning in it!"

From the forest ambassador: 3x3x3 was made in Twine, a free and easy-to-use tool that you can use to make games just like it.

Temple of the Faceless Minotaur That Sees the Burning Light is a game about exploring dangerous places by Ryan Melmoth.

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Why Try It: A low-res, randomly-generated world to explore with a striking aesthetic and a compelling soundtrack.

Author’s Notes: "…a roguelikelike with randomly generated levels. I’m extremely happy with how it turned out (especially considering the timeframe) and I hope you enjoy playing it. Expect to die a lot as you learn the ins and outs of the game. Control option A means left hand look/aim, right hand walk… control B is the opposite. Choose whichever you prefer."

From the forest ambassador: Try experimenting with the tools you’re given for different effects — for example, if you get stuck, try blowing up a wall with bombs.

Scaling the Sky is a game about ascension by William Felkner, Chelsea Howe, and Michael Molinari.

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Why Try It: A kind of platformer with a very playful sense of movement and few obstacles or stressors.

Author’s Notes: "We decided to close out 2013 by posting all our lingering games - here’s Scaling the Sky, a surreal little experience created for the SF Indie Game Jam."

From the forest ambassador: If you find yourself getting stuck, experiment with the different ways your character moves in clouds and water and remember that your goal is to keep moving upwards.

Reverberant is a game about keeping it together by Emmett Butler.

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Why Try It: A typing game about anxiety and control; a simple premise with an interesting narrative.

From the forest ambassador: Emmett has worked on a few games previously featured at forest ambassador, including how do you Do it? and Ladylike.

For Political Lovers, a Little Utopia Sketch is a game about starting over by Bryan Reid.

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Why Try It: A piece of e-poetry about possibilities.

Author’s Notes: "Super quick Twine poem thing there. Hopefully a little optimistic. Kinda vague, though. Eh. S’alright."

From the forest ambassador: Check out Bryan Reid’s Patreon if you would like to support his work.

Super Leg Shaver II Turbo is a game about shaving your legs by Jonn Hill.

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Why Try It: A funny, well-written text-based simulation of shaving one’s legs.

From the forest ambassador: Super Leg Shaver II Turbo was made for the Naked Twine Jam, an event where participants made games about a huge rande of topics using the game creation tool Twine over the course of a week.

… (Trembling Dots) is a game about laughing in the face of futility by Noyb.

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Why Try It: A collage-style collection of microgames with diverse visual styles.

Time: Five minutes.

How to Play: Use the arrow keys and spacebar to play each microgame.

Author’s Notes: "… was originally a 2009 TIGSource Assemblee entry, constrained to use exclusively the art and sound assets produced in the first half of the competition. This is an updated Unity remake of the original Multimedia Fusion 2 version."

More Info: You can find more of Noyb’s work here. Noyb also curates a blog called Zero Feedback, “a blog which aggregates free games that received no comments when originally posted by the creator on at least one game development forum.” 

Gonubie Hotel is a game about playing old arcade games in a hotel in a small coastal town in South Africa.

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Why Try It: Striking neon visuals; captures a sense of distraction and sensation without being overwhelming.

Time: Five minutes.

How to Play: Use the arrow keys — each key press triggers something in each of the several games that are running simultaneously.

Author’s Notes: "I want to explore the feeling of being distracted by too many things going on at once and having to focus on one thing at the cost of other things. I’m also interested in the aesthetics of the composite image. I’d like for static screenshots to look like psychedelic abstract art and for the individual games to not be discernible to someone who hasn’t played it."

More Info: You can find more of Ian MacLarty’s work, including the previously-featured Action Painting Pro, at his website.

Bite Me is a game about persuasion by Yann Ben Alluch, Ian Girard, and Pierre-Luc Poirier.

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Why Try It: Convince a giant not to eat you using logic, misdirection, or gross facts.

Time: Five minutes.

How to Play: Select dialogue options to escape being eaten — but if you run out of things to say before you convince the giant to release you, you’ll be eaten.

Author’s Notes: "The Hero is in an unexpected misadventure. Your role is to aid him find his way out. However, you’ll need to choose your words wisely, otherwise you could put the Hero in a truly dire state."

More Info: You can find more of the authors’ work at their websites.

Marble Safari is a game about strange explorations by Todd Luke.

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Why Try It: Lo-fi, characterful art depicting an alien world; simple mouse-only controls; gameplay emphasizing playful exploration.

Time: Five minutes.

How to Play: Use the mouse to move the ship around, then click on it to launch the marble in order to explore the world.

Author’s Notes: "control your saucer and agate marble drones to explore the systems of a desert planet"

More Info: Marble Safari was made for the Architects EP, a collection of interactive works by Braingale. You can find more of Todd Luke’s games at his website.