Space is Red is a game about revenge by Todd Luke.

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Why Try It: A very brief and compelling touch/mouse-based interactive narrative; incredible soundtrack and visual design.

Mood: Creepy

Author’s Notes: "I made "Space Is Red" with PostPre for Venus Patrol’s Space Cowboy Jam. My main inspiration was the John Carpenter film "Dark Star". I actually eye dropped colors from the opening scenes. There was a talk that Cactus gave in 2009. One of the points was "dare to be serious". That phrase rang through my head while making it. Bright colors and whimsy come naturally to me, so I wanted to challenge myself by exploring darker themes. I feel like I grew a lot from that even though I finished the game in a weekend." (more here)

From the forest ambassador: Check out the rest of Todd Luke’s work, including the previously-featured Marble Safari.

Tiny Crawl is a game about little adventures by Loren Schmidt.

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Why Try It: A cute, tiny turn-based dungeon exploration game.

Mood: Chill

Author’s Notes: "space: attack / interact; arrows: move; tab: cycle targets; 1, 2, 3: spell hotkeys"

From the forest ambassador: Remember that you can always leave a room with monsters in it to use your spells or eat some delicious mushrooms and come back later!

Tampon Run is a game about normality by Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser.

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Why Try It: Cute characters & charming music; throw tampons at people.

Mood: Silly

Author’s Notes: "Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser are high school students in NYC. We met this summer at Girls Who Code (@ IAC), an organization trying to close the gender gap in tech, where we cultivated our love of coding. This is our final project for the program."

From the forest ambassador: Check out Girls Who Code, the program Tampon Run was made for.

Chef is a game about cooking up trouble by DinosaurFriend.

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Why Try It: Beautiful animation; provide fine dining or poison your entitled customers.

Mood: Silly

Author’s Notes: "A chef decides to cook for customers! It’s up to you to decide how you want to cook this meal!"

From the forest ambassador: In addition to making games, DinosaurFriend also records Let’s Play videos — you can find them on YouTube.

Faif is a game about playing the odds by Beavl.

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Why Try It: A simple turn-based risk/reward battle game with a stark, minimal aesthetic.

Mood: Tense

Author’s Notes: "A puzzle/rpg game with a unique battle system based on gambling."

From the forest ambassador: Try to collect gems early on to get different upgrades from the shop. Otherwise, just remember that swords increase your chances of hitting, while skulls increase the damage that a successful hit does.

Circle Breakout is a game about angles by Yilmaz Kiymaz.

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Why Try It: A neat twist on classic Breakout; attractive, minimal design.

Mood: Chill

From the forest ambassador: Try to keep the ball’s trajectory in line with the center of your paddle — if you catch it on the edge, it’s likely to richochet away.

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Line Crossing is a game about taking a trip by Aeryne Wright.

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Why Try It: Beautiful visual design and dreamlike dialogue combine to form a strange world that’s compelling to explore.

Mood: Dreamy

Author’s Notes: "Afra finds herself in a very mysterious place after what she thought was a simple train ride to a place she dreaded. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Who knows! ~Mysterious Train Adventure~ TEN ENDINGS! Built with blood, sweat, tears, Construct 2, during a 9 hour power outage, with the wrench."

From the forest ambassador: A point of advice: you may not want to talk to everyone you see, as you could find yourself weighed down with unasked-for gifts.

More of Aeryne Wright’s work can be found at Cuneicorn Games.

Manifest is a game about magical thinking by Pippin Barr.

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Why Try It: Learn to control the mysterious ‘desirons.’

Mood: Spacey

Author’s Notes: "…they discovered the existence of things called "Desirons" which are pictograms for things people desire and which, if visualized and focused on with enough force, can manifest those things in the person’s life. So the game is about training yourself to manifest the Desiron pictograms in the application, and thus gaining the ability to manifest the actual quality in your life."

From the forest ambassador: Check out more of Pippin Barr’s games, including the previously-featured Jostle Bastard.

Zerstört Zerstört is a game about destruction by imDickicht.

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Why Try It: Unusual aesthetics; play a politician intent on tearing down old structures to put up luxury apartments.

Mood: Creepy

Author’s Notes: "In Zerstört Zerstört you are a politician in a booming city. You have to destroy all diversity, kick out the poor people and build luxury apartments for the upper middle class. To get re-elected you tell the press about the merits of gentrification."

From the forest ambassador: Press e when the game starts to switch to English, if you can’t read German. The game is a little hard to figure out but the instructions provided below help out a lot. Just remember to use the police to ‘convince’ activists to get out of the way of construction and to keep your energy and popularity up.

No Wave is a game about New York City by Dorian SRed, Trevor Reveur, Simon Chanut, Christophe Roth, Franz, and Chouche.

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Why Try It: Experience the gritty despair of being at a New York City club in the 80s; features music by Sonic Youth, Swans, and more.

Mood: Rowdy

Author’s Notes: "You are Jim, a man from Brooklyn. You discover the underground life of New York. Someone told you to go out, but you’re asking "Why?". And the answer is: "Life is in the streets, in music, not only in your flat". You decide to visit one of these clubs known for their wild side. They are repulsive but attractive in many aspects. So there you are, ready to try anything."

From the forest ambassador: The game loops a few times, but there is an ending — try clicking on different people and things to trigger different scence. Check out more of Dorian SRed’s music and other work at his website.

Quing’s Quest VII: The Death of Videogames is a game about starting over by Squinky.

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Why Try It: A very sparkly text adventure about defeating the forces of evil through fashion sense and joie de vivre.

Mood: Joyful

Author’s Notes: "You are a young monarch of mysterious and indistinct gender, valiantly trying to survive exile from your home planet — or whatever’s left of it since the invasion, anyway."

From the forest ambassador: Check out more of Squinky’s games, including the highly-recommended Dominique Pamplemousse, at their website.

Intimate, Infinite is a game about infinity by Robert Yang.


Why Try It: Beautiful visual design; a first-person interactive narrative inspired by Borges.

Mood: Introspective

Author’s Notes: "Some short singleplayer first person games about gardening, chess, history, infinity, and a murder."

From the forest ambassador: Intimate, Infinite is pay-what-you-want — the developer accepts your support by letting you pay what you think is fair for the game. You can find more of Robert’s work and excellent writing on games at his blog.

Jazu is a game about conversations by David Laskey, Eric Huang, and Benn Marion.

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Why Try It: Beautiful art and sound design; a short story told through audio and imagery rather than text.

Mood: Atmospheric

Author’s Notes: "A musical conversation with two unusual patrons at a bar."

From the forest ambassador: Jazu was made for the Space Cowboy Jam, in which participants made games inspired by the ‘space cowboy’ aesthetic/genre, exemplified by media like Cowboy Bebop.

Secrets Agent is a game about help by Jonathan Kittaka.

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Why Try It: Cute, hand-drawn visuals and charming voiceover.

Mood: Soothing

Author’s Notes: "Retrieve the stolen gemstone from the mansion of traps, guided by a friendly voice."

From the forest ambassador: More of Jonathan’s games can be found on; writing and other work can be found at Jonathan’s tumblr.