Rain is a game about woodland secrets by Jord Farrell.

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Why Try It: Explore a low-res forest to a quiet, mellow tune.

Mood: Chill

Author’s Notes: "a personal game, where I tried to figure out my own personality and translate that into different aspects of the game. Something like a journal, in interactive form. Enjoy the experience."

From the forest ambassador: Try exploring all of the space, including using the spacebar to leap up and climb taller trees. You can find more of Jord Farrell’s work at GameJolt.

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(image “09272008 BrightonUT" by DR04 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.)

Crypt Community is a game about trying to build something by Avery McDaldno and Karl Parakenings.

Download (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Why Try It: Cute character designs & a simple simulation of interpersonal community dynamics in a fantastical setting.

Mood: Introspective

Author’s Notes: "Crypt Community probably still has a bunch of little glitchy bits. But it’s playable! And we built it in a week, and I learned so much. And I’m hoping that in passing it to you, you get something out of it. Maybe just a brief amusement. Maybe a window into the frustrations I sometimes feel, trying to build communities without really understanding how communities operate or who I’m inviting into my spaces. I guess… play to find out what happens?" [For much more, see Avery’s explanation of the game]

From the forest ambassador: Avery McDaldno also produces tabletop & storytelling games — you can support their work on Patreon.

Horse Master is a game about horse mastery by Tom McHenry.

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Why Try It: A well-written, totally hilarious simulation game about owning and managing a horse and braving the long road to horse mastery.

Author’s Notes: "This was the first game I ever made in Twine, which is an incredibly easy-to-use tool for making video games. You should try it out. You will surprise yourself.”

From the forest ambassador: If you like Horse Master, you might also be interested in Tom McHenry’s freeform newspaper, The Proof.

3x3x3 is a game about options by Kayla Overkill.

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Why Try It: A text adventure about mermaids and motherhood; well-written and a simple but neat use of structure.

Author’s Notes: "3x3x3 was inspired by a poem which in turn was inspired by a dream. i hope that whatever you take from the game that you enjoyed yourself, and i hope that whatever course your actual life takes, you manage to find some sort of meaning in it!"

From the forest ambassador: 3x3x3 was made in Twine, a free and easy-to-use tool that you can use to make games just like it.

Temple of the Faceless Minotaur That Sees the Burning Light is a game about exploring dangerous places by Ryan Melmoth.

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Why Try It: A low-res, randomly-generated world to explore with a striking aesthetic and a compelling soundtrack.

Author’s Notes: "…a roguelikelike with randomly generated levels. I’m extremely happy with how it turned out (especially considering the timeframe) and I hope you enjoy playing it. Expect to die a lot as you learn the ins and outs of the game. Control option A means left hand look/aim, right hand walk… control B is the opposite. Choose whichever you prefer."

From the forest ambassador: Try experimenting with the tools you’re given for different effects — for example, if you get stuck, try blowing up a wall with bombs.

Scaling the Sky is a game about ascension by William Felkner, Chelsea Howe, and Michael Molinari.

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Why Try It: A kind of platformer with a very playful sense of movement and few obstacles or stressors.

Author’s Notes: "We decided to close out 2013 by posting all our lingering games - here’s Scaling the Sky, a surreal little experience created for the SF Indie Game Jam."

From the forest ambassador: If you find yourself getting stuck, experiment with the different ways your character moves in clouds and water and remember that your goal is to keep moving upwards.

Reverberant is a game about keeping it together by Emmett Butler.

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Why Try It: A typing game about anxiety and control; a simple premise with an interesting narrative.

From the forest ambassador: Emmett has worked on a few games previously featured at forest ambassador, including how do you Do it? and Ladylike.

For Political Lovers, a Little Utopia Sketch is a game about starting over by Bryan Reid.

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Why Try It: A piece of e-poetry about possibilities.

Author’s Notes: "Super quick Twine poem thing there. Hopefully a little optimistic. Kinda vague, though. Eh. S’alright."

From the forest ambassador: Check out Bryan Reid’s Patreon if you would like to support his work.

Super Leg Shaver II Turbo is a game about shaving your legs by Jonn Hill.

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Why Try It: A funny, well-written text-based simulation of shaving one’s legs.

From the forest ambassador: Super Leg Shaver II Turbo was made for the Naked Twine Jam, an event where participants made games about a huge rande of topics using the game creation tool Twine over the course of a week.